How to Stay Safe When Setting up and Using Scaffolds

22 June 2017
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Scaffolds are an elemental part of the construction industry. Contractors and workers use them when working at great heights that they wouldn't reach when standing on the ground. You can put up tall buildings and skyscrapers without scaffolds. As you would expect, any equipment used to provide an elevated work platform come with lots of associated risks. You need to take the necessary steps at every stage to ensure that none of your workers suffers injuries when setting up or using the scaffolds. Read More 

Five Tips to Consider Before Buying a CNC Laser Cutting Machine

28 May 2017
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Buying your first CNC laser cutting machine? Before you order one, there are a few points you may want to consider. Take a look at these tips: 1. Test Out CNC Laser Cutting Machines Using a CNC laser cutter is different than using a handheld cutting tool, and it makes cutting through many materials as easy as slicing through warm butter. However, there are a lot of quality variations on the market, and if possible, you may want to spend a little time playing with a machine before you buy it. Read More