Why Use Laminated Veneer Lumber During a Home Build?

28 March 2022
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As you plan your new home build, you have to choose the right structural materials for the property. While you can use concrete and steel here, you can also use various kinds of timber. If timber is an option for you, then make sure to look at laminated veneer lumber (LVL). What is LVL and what are its benefits as a structural timber? What Is LVL? LVL is a type of mass timber. Read More 

Three Important Tips for Preparing for Water Tank Installation

25 January 2022
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Water tanks are beneficial for collecting and storing clean water for domestic and even agricultural applications. However, their convenience and efficiency can be compromised by poor installation practices. Therefore, if you are preparing to invest in a water tank, you must plan for the setup of the unit. The right plan will depend on your property, the chosen tank and usage plans. Here are some simple installation tips to consider before purchasing your tank. Read More 

Why Is Laser Cutting Commonly Used When Making Metal Parts?

1 October 2021
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Laser cutting is used for many different things. For example, laser cutting is commonly used when parts are being made from scratch. If you're curious about why laser cutting is so popularly used when making parts out of metal, you should consider these reasons. It Works Quickly In some cases, companies and individuals need to have parts made as quickly as possible. For example, a company might need to have a part made quickly so that they can swap out one of the parts that makes their equipment work, and they might need to get their machinery or equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Read More 

4 Reasons to Use Formatubes

17 August 2021
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Construction work can be challenging when the ground you have to build on is not ideally suited to support a building. Formatubes solve some problems related to non-ideal soil, such as subsidence and water damage. Using Formatubes can also make the construction process easier and faster. Here are four of the key reasons why you might want to consider using Formatubes for your upcoming construction projects. 1. Improve Stability of Soil Read More 

Why Use Perspex Cladding in Your Factory?

11 June 2021
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While most of the walls in your factory won't need special treatment, there are places that benefit from a more robust solution than paint. For example, your factory's canteen, kitchen and toilets have special hygiene needs. Fortunately, you can install Perspex sheet cladding on these walls. The cladding can go over existing paint or you can buy coloured sheets to get instant colour. What are the advantages of using Perspex cladding? Read More