Master the Mechanics: The Ins and Outs of Gas Struts for Lifting and Supporting Heavy Objects

15 December 2023
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When it comes to lifting and supporting heavy objects, gas struts are the go-to solution. These mechanical devices provide a means of support, assist in lifting objects, and provide a controlled release. This article delves into everything one needs to know about gas struts, including their functionality, applications, and installation methods. What Are Gas Struts? Gas struts are mechanical devices that use compressed gas and oil to support and control the motion of various applications such as vehicle boots, doors, cabinets, and hatches. Read More 

When to Work with Sheet Metal Fabricators

10 October 2023
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Sheet metal is a material commonly utilised in the construction of various structures, equipment, and machinery. From aircraft and automobiles to building facades and decorative finishes, sheet metal fabrication techniques allow for the creation of a wide array of components and features. However, it is often not possible or practical for organisations to produce their own sheet metal designs and products. This is where sheet metal fabricators come in. This piece will explore why and when industries should opt for sheet metal fabricators and dive deeper into the variety of perforated sheet metal options available. Read More 

Six Common Metal Fabrication Techniques Used In Australia

8 May 2023
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Fabrication is a vital process in various industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing. This broad field encompasses numerous techniques and methods, each with its unique applications and advantages. What are some of the most common metal fabrication techniques used today? Read on to find out. 1. Cutting A fundamental metal fabrication technique, cutting involves separating metal materials into desired shapes and sizes. This process can be performed using a range of methods, including manual cutting with shears, power tools such as circular saws or advanced technologies like laser cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting. Read More 

A Guide On Sheet Metal Fabrication

19 January 2023
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Sheet metal fabrication is your best bet for making various metallic components, such as garage doors, car parts, appliance panels, and household fixtures. However, many clients do not comprehend the sheet metal fabrication process. Below are some pointers to help you in your sheet metal fabrication journey.  Always Engage Professionals Some people prefer to use internet guides when fabricating sheet metal. Nevertheless, you should avoid DIY projects if you do not have any training in sheet metal fabrication. Read More 

4 Insider Tips When Working with Concrete Densifiers for Expertly Polished Floors

8 November 2022
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You've probably heard of concrete densifiers before. Concrete densifiers are popular in modern construction projects. Generally, they help contractors achieve highly polished, durable and robust concrete surfaces. You can only consider a concrete floor well-polished after applying the densifier to rejection. Using diamond tooling alone might not be adequate to achieve a durable polished finish.  Therefore, concrete densifier application is necessary when maintaining polished concrete floors. Here are four insider tips when working with concrete densifiers to achieve the ultimate results. Read More