Barbed Wire Fence Mending Process

28 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Barbed wire fences play important roles whether it's keeping livestock and other animals in a selected area or ensuring security in your farm. However, they are bound to experiences deteriorations due to harsh weather conditions or physical encounters that may break and destroy them. You can easily address some of the faulty issues instead of spending unnecessarily to replace the entire fence. Check some of the ways you can mend your barbed wire fencing

What is Needed

To begin the mending process, make sure you have fencing sleeves, a crimping tool, wood posts, heavy duty staples, pliers, a hammer, and a pair of gloves.

Prepare for Safety

Observing safety is essential when handling this project. Put on gloves to avoid sharp wires that could injure your arms. Make sure you get the thickest pair gloves possible due to the dangers involved with the process

Replace Fallen Posts

Your fence may require new posts when they get damaged by animals, rot, or fall off due to strong winds. You will first need to detach the fence wires with the back of a hammer or a pair of pliers to remove the nails or staples. Most barbed wires may use staples to attach to the post. Remove the old post and replace with a new one. You can also opt for ones that are lying on the ground and still in good condition. The new posts should be set in the new holes by ensuring they're at least 2 feet deeper to make them stronger. After placing them in the holes, pack soil, stones, and other dirt particles to keep the new posts in place.

Reattach the Wire

The next step is reattaching the wire back to the new post. Make sure the wire is as tight as possible because if it snaps, it could become slack causing big gaps on your fence. This defeats the entire purpose of having a barbed wire in the first place. Use staples to attach the wire or alternatively wind it around the post then secure it using fencing nails.

Repair the Holes

For places where wires have ripped, pull them close together to create few inches of overlap. When the two pieces are well stretched, wrap a metal fencing sleeve at the point of overlap. The fencing sleeves will provide the mend with more strength and can be bought at most hardware stores. Use a crimping tool to close the fencing sleeve. You may also use a pair of pliers but be cautious not to cut the fencing sleeve accidentally.