Types of Professional Laser Cutting Machines

16 October 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Professional laser cutting refers to technology-based cutting and engraving of materials with the use of a laser. The laser cuts into materials according to the shapes desired by the end user. The process is regularly used in industrial manufacturing of plastics, metals and other materials. However, it can also be adopted for small businesses and schools. You may look at a cut or engraved material and wonder just how this was achieved. Well, here are some machines used to ensure that the work is professionally accomplished:

  1. Fiber Lasers – Fiber lasers can be classified as a laser within the solid state classification. The machine generates a beam which is amplified to glass fibers which have been specially designed. The glass fibers are energised through the use of pump diodes. The laser beam used in this machine is generated by a seed laser. Fiber lasers have a small focal diameter compared to other devices of a similar type. The fiber lasers are well crafted to provide high-contrast markings during plastic laser cutting. One advantage of the lasers is that they offer exceptional service. They also require no maintenance. Such features not only make the fiber lasers suitable for plastic laser cutting but also metal cutting and engraving.
  2. Crystal Lasers – The second machine used in professional laser cutting is the crystal laser. Just like the fiber laser, the crystal laser machines emanate from the solid state lasers. Electric diodes are used for the pumping of lasers which are to be used during marking applications. The lasers in this category are named with regards to the element used during doping as well as the fitted crystal.  The wavelength in this type of laser is suitable when it comes to plastic laser cutting. However, the crystal lasers are much more expensive than the fiber lasers. The lasers also require the pump diodes and the crystal to be replaced with time. They can be used for professional laser cutting of metals, plastics, coated metals and ceramic.
  1. Carbon Dioxide Lasers (Gas Lasers) – The COlasers can be classified under gas lasers due to the carbon dioxide gas mixture stimulated electronically. They come with a smaller wavelength which makes them suitable for use in non-metallic materials such as plastic. The lasers are quite efficient because they offer a good quality beam. They are mostly used for laser cutting of materials such as plastic, wood, acrylic among others.