PVC For Your WC: The Benefits Of Installing PVC Doors In Public Bathrooms

23 October 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Whether you operate a large department store or a tiny corner coffee shop, the toilet facilities you provide are just as vital to the continued health of your business as the products you sell, keeping customers in your premises and ready to spend money when they might otherwise go elsewhere to relieve themselves. As such, the materials used to create your public facilities should be up to the task, and must not degrade or become unsanitary when used by hundreds or even thousands of customers a day.

The need for suitable materials doesn't just apply to your toilets and sinks, however. Properly chosen materials must be used to create all the fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, including the doors that provide access and privacy to users. For this reason, many operators of public facilities choose to install bathroom and cubicle doors made of PVC, and it's easy to see why -- here are just some of the advantages of using this remarkable plastic for your bathroom doors:


Unlike the timbers used to create standard interior doors, PVC is not porous, and will not absorb moisture even if their coatings of protective paint or veneers become damaged. This leaves bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that come into contact with your door with no place to hide, and prevents them from breeding. Consequently, a regularly cleaned PVC bathroom door will remain sanitary even under heavy use, and is particularly useful for bathrooms heavily used by children, given how reluctant many children can be to wash their hands.


The PVC used to create bathroom doors is incredibly durable, and is very similar in chemical composition to the uPVC used to create tough exterior doors and windows. This allows it to withstand heavy abuse without cracking or chipping, saving you time and money on replacements and making sure your doors keep their clean, professional looks for a long time to come. PVC is also very resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals, so you can use the most powerful sterilisers to clean your bathrooms with confidence.

Vandal resistant

Bathroom graffiti and etchings can sometimes be remarkably erudite, but hardly contribute to a clean, safe environment to relieve yourself in. PVC's non-porous nature makes pen ink and spray paint easy to remove, and the material cannot be gouged with sharp objects easily like wooden doors. Vandals seeking to leave behind permanent markers will be flummoxed more often than not, and any obscene drawings or spray tags can be cleaned away with ease.


PVC doors are lighter than most timber doors and are therefore easily used by the elderly, disabled and small children. This makes them particularly attractive for bathrooms servicing family businesses, or businesses that cater specifically to older people.