Buying and Installing Screw Piles for Use in an Industrial Setting

22 November 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have a problem with the foundations of your industrial unit, installing screw piles is an easy way of adding strength and support. Screw piles are available in many different lengths, and it is very important that you use the correct size. If you use screw piles which are too small, they will not provide adequate support to your industrial building. Below is a guide to two things you should consider when investing in screw piles.

The movement of the soil

While the ground beneath your feet may appear to be pretty solid, it is in fact always moving. The major movements occur during the spring and fall when the ground is warmed or cooled by the changing season. This heating and cooling cause the soil to expand and contract. As the ground moves, rocks and sand can also shift. When installing a screw pile, you should always leave a small gap between the head of the screw pile and the ground. This gap will allow the ground to shift and move without placing pressure on the screw pile itself. 

The frost line

During the colder months, the ground begins to cool, and on especially cold nights, a frost may form in the soil. Frost occurs when moisture trapped in the soil turns to ice. The depth to which the frost penetrates is known as the frost line. The frost line differs from location to location depending on the ambient temperature and the local climate.

When installing screw piles to support your industrial building, it is very important that you establish the depth of the frost line. The area of soil which is within the frost line does not offer the same level of support as soil which is unaffected by frost. If you install a screw pile which does not penetrate beyond the frost line, it may fail to support your building during the colder months.

To establish the frost line of the ground you plan to drill a screw pile into it, is best to contact a local geophysics company who will be able to use ground radar or their existing records to establish the depth of the frost line. Once you know this depth, you should purchase screw piles which will penetrate beyond it.

Using screw piles to reinforce the foundations of your industrial building can help to extend its lifespan. If you would like to find out more about buying and installing screw piles for use in an industrial setting, you should contact a professional supplier.