Three ways perspex can make your home better

6 December 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


What can you do with perspex? At first glance you might be tempted to think that perspex isn't the most interesting material available, and to pass on to something more interesting. The truth is that perspex is one of the most versatile materials around today. It is used in an amazing array of applications in industries as diverse as communication, health care, and architecture. You can find perspex being used to make baby incubators, picture frames and almost everything in between. Here are three ways of using perspex to make your home or office more attractive.

Perspex signage

Signage is the most widespread use of perspex today and it can't be ignored. Perspex is great for making signs that are stylish and long lasting but don't cost a fortune. Perspex signs are available in a great range of sizes and colours so you can easily find what you need to match your office, restaurant or hotel décor.

If it is outdoor signage that you want, then perspex is still the perfect choice. Perspex signs can be designed to be shock and abrasion resistant so being out in the open exposed to the elements isn't going to do them any harm. Whatever signage you need, perspex is a great material to choose.

Perspex glassware

Perspex glassware has been adopted by a lot of commercial venues across the world. Hotels and restaurants have discovered that perspex can be used to create everything from champagne glasses to tumblers. Perspex looks and feels like glass, yet it is much stronger. Glass will shatter if it is exposed to rough handling, but perspex is twice as durable. The durability of perspex is particularly useful when it comes to cleaning. Some glasses are too fragile to be placed in the dishwasher and need to be cleaned by hand, but perspex glassware can all go through the dishwasher saving valuable time and avoiding potential damage through staff negligence.

Perspex tables

Often perspex is considered for small items such as signs but not for the larger items of furniture in your home. This doesn't have to be the case, one of the perspex success stories of recent years has been the growth in sales of perspex tables. Perspex tables can be created with a matt or high-gloss finish. They are available in many colours and have a naturally hard wearing surface. Why not consider a perspex table for your home?