Important Safety Tips to Follow When Welding

11 January 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Metal fabricators employ various working techniques and processes when making metal products. When it comes to joining two or more metal parts together, welding a popular working method. Welding involves fusing metal components together by applying a surface heat source. Thanks to advances in metal fabrication technologies, there has been a significant improvement in the quality of welds produced when welding. However, ensuring safety remains a top priority for welders.

Here are some important safety procedures and tips to adhere to when welding:

Following the operator's manual.

The first and most important thing is to read and understand the instructions contained in the operator's manual for the particular welding equipment to be used. The manual not only provides vital information on how to operate the machine but also the safety procedures and tips to be followed when using it. It is important to point out that one operator's manual cannot substitute the other. For this reason, you should keep your welding equipment's manual properly, so you don't lose it.

Using personal protective equipment.

Without a doubt, welders must wear the right safety equipment for welding jobs. During welding, a lot of heat is emitted as well as ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Without proper protection, you will be exposing yourself to these emissions, which may have long-term health effects. Make sure you wear safety googles to protect the eyes, hard gloves to protect your hands from burns and other personal safety equipment specified in your operator manual.

Wearing the right work attire.

What kind of clothes should you put on? Sparks tend to smoulder on some clothing such as cuffed pants, so you should make sure whatever you put on is flame-resistant. In addition, make sure your pants and tops are long enough and properly buttoned. This will help protect your skin from burning that may be caused by straying sparks. Wearing the right shoes is also critical. Put on closed-toe shoes that will not smoulder when subjected to a little heat.

Identify a suitable work environment.

It is unsafe to weld in confined places because a variety of toxic fumes, gases and smoke are normally produced. If overlooked, these harmful emissions may lead to serious respiratory issues. Therefore, welding should be carried out in an environment with adequate ventilation.

Following safety protocols ensures a healthy work life for individual employees. Therefore, it is important to follow the above safety procedures. Keep safe!