Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets to Build a Storage Shed

21 February 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Of all the projects available that use wooden pallets, a storage shed may be one of the more advanced. In fact, some people may turn away from this project and go with more traditional methods of construction. Before you skip over the wooden pallet storage shed project, there are a few benefits the wooden pallets offer to consider.

Budget Friendly

One of the main benefits of using wooden pallets to build your storage shed is financial. Wooden pallets are budget friendly compared to other building materials you may be considering. Keep in mind, though you can order customized wooden pallets, most wooden suppliers do offer pallets at a reduced rate. This is usually for pallets that still need sanding and finishing or pallets that did not meet the customers specification. This means if you are on a strict budget, you can likely remain in the budget easily.

Reduced Assembly Time

When you are using wooden pallets to build a structure, like a garden shed, you are already cutting your assembly and building time considerably. This is especially true if you are buying larger pallets for the construction. The pallets, for a basic shed, need to be stacked and connected. The rest of the construction is generally done for you since the pallets are pre-fabricated. You may be concerned with the spacing between pallets and insulation of those during your construction, and the time this will take. The truth is, you can order pallets that do not have spacing between the slats and you can easily insulate between the sides of the pallets with traditional rolled insulation or insulation sheets. 

Increased Durability

The durability of a building, especially a storage shed, is likely one of the more important concerns for you. Wooden pallets offer you this durability. Remember, pallets are actually designed to be load bearing. They are used in warehouses to hold several pounds of goods for long periods of time. They are also used in shipping to hold various loads of products during shipment and maintain those loads while they are moved from one spot to another. This requires increased durability and that durability can greatly benefit your storage shed.

After looking over your storage shed needs and the project as a whole, you may find that wooden pallets will be ideal. If this is the case, contact a local wood supplier like 1/2 Price Pallets to place your order. Keep in mind, new pallets can be ordered and are generally pre-treated and sealed against rain and related damage. Your local wooden supplier can also help you with pricing and delivery options as well.