3 Fun Projects to Do With Formatubes

23 April 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you're looking for a fun new crafting or building project to try, you may want to check out the possibilities offered by formatubes. Essentially, these cardboard forms allow you to make pillars, and they are used by construction companies and builders around the world. However, you can also contact an industrial or manufacturing company that sells formatubes and use them to make a wide range of fun projects. Take a look at these possibilities.

Column-Shaped Planters

With two formatubes that are just slightly different sizes, you can make a planter. You simply decide on the height and location — in terms of location, this project is great for concrete patios.

Then, you put one formatube inside the other one, and you fill the gap between them with concrete. Following the instructions on the concrete mix and the formatubes, remove the outer layer when the concrete has dried. Then, pull out the formatube on the inside, and now, you have a beautiful concrete planter. You just need to fill it with soil and seeds.

Jack Be Nimble Display

You've probably heard the nursery rhyme that goes "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over a candlestick." If you like that rhyme, you can bring it alive in your home. If you're a city developer or someone who works for the local parks and recreation department, you may want to use this idea as well.

Basically, you use the formatubes to pour a few small columns. Make them sizes that small children can vault or climb over. Before the concrete sets, put a thick piece of sturdy rope in the top of your column to act as a candlestick. Once everything has set, remove the formatube casing and paint the candlesticks fun colors.

Shaded Patio

Building a gazebo or a pergola takes a lot of work and special experience, but you can make one out of formatubes relatively easily. You simply place four formatubes so that they make a square or rectangular pattern. Then, after you've poured the concrete, let it set, and removed the formatubes, you add small hooks to each column.

Finally, you attach a sunshade to each hook. Depending on the angle of the sun in your space, you may want to tilt the sunshade slightly. You can do that by putting in a few different hooks into each column, or you can track the path of the sun before you put up the pillars and adjust as needed.

To get more ideas, contact a company that sells formatubes. Although these tubes are primarily used by professional builders and contractors, you can have some fun with them as well.