Ideas for Where to Position Your Rainwater Tanks

24 May 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Long gone are the days when water tanks were strictly for rural homes with no supply of municipal water. More properties in urban areas are realising the importance of conserving water and reducing their dependency on an outside water supply.

If you're looking to install a tank on your property, you may be wondering what the best position is. Is it best to install it on the roof or behind the garage? Here are several ideas for positioning your water tank, as well as the factors you should consider before the job is started.

1. In a secure area of the premises

When installing a water tank in an urban area, security should be your top concern. Water tanks are susceptible to many risks, such as being contaminated by malicious persons or even pests and insects. Installing your tank right underneath a tree or in thick bushes is a sure way of attracting unwanted guests into your water supply.

Look for a position on your property where the tank is easily visible from the home. An ideal location is on an open space on your front/back yard where you can always monitor the use and condition of the tank.

2. On level ground

If you live on a sloping property, you should ensure that the rainwater tank is installed on level ground. A tilted tank is at risk of falling over and damaging the outlet pipes due to uneven pressure. Make sure a sloping site is properly excavated to establish a level base for the tank.

3. Near locations of heavy use

Consider the primary purpose of your rainwater tank. You may want to use it primarily for kitchen supply, laundry, a swimming pool or toilet water. Depending on your specific needs for the tank, position it near areas where it will be needed the most.

A useful strategy is to identify where the downpipes of your home are located and install your water tank near those downpipes. This will make plumbing preparation for the tank easier and more cost effective.

4. On the roof of the property

Another useful location for tank installation is on the roof of the property. If your home has a large, spacious roof, you can position your rainwater tank at a specific section of the roof. This is a good idea because the tank will be secure from outside threats and free from interference. The plumbing will also be easier to install because all the pipes will simply run from the roof to various parts of the home as necessary.