Four Crucial Safety Guidelines for Using Wooden Pallets

21 May 2019
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Personal safety should be prioritised when using wooden pallets. In general, wooden pallets are convenient for use because they are economical and durable. The units keep bulky loads stable and compact. In addition, a pallet makes handling goods using equipment such as forklifts convenient. However, if these items are not used properly, they can cause injuries in the workplace. Here are essential safety tips for using pallets in your operations.

Inspect the Pallets

You should examine your wooden pallets thoroughly before use. These structures are usually in perfect condition after the initial purchase. However, their build will deteriorate after multiple uses. Therefore, it is important to check on the pallets regularly. This will help you identify potential safety concerns. For instance, you should determine if there are loose boards in the pallet structure. It is important to conduct repairs to avoid the breakdown of the structure when handling loads. You should also look out for protruding nails and broken elements in the pallet.

Avoid Poor Loading

It is important to check your loading practices and make appropriate corrections. In simple terms, you should realise that if pallets are used wrongly, they are likely to experience instability during goods handling. This could lead to the collapse of a unitised, bulky load. You can avoid this problem and subsequent injuries by loading your pallets correctly. Avoid placing goods on the pallet if they surpass the capacity rating. Also, remember that the rating refers to dynamic loading, not impact loading. Additionally, you must ensure that the good are evenly arranged on the pallet.

Limit Units Stacking

Empty wooden pallets can cause injuries. Therefore, you must be careful when putting away these items after use. If they are improperly stored, they will not only be at risk of rotting, breakage and general damage. They could also fall on someone or even cause tripping accidents. Under ideal circumstances, you should look for a safe storage space in an area without much traffic. You can stack pallets but limit the total height. The appropriate stacking height should depend on the pallet manufacturer, local safety regulations or your insurer.

Provide Training

Finally, you must make certain that your wooden pallets will be handled by trained professionals. Loaded pallets can be quite bulky and heavy. If an inexperienced person attempts to move the units, a serious accident could occur. Therefore, you should choose licensed individuals to drive forklifts and operate pallet handling equipment. Also, monitor the performance of your employees and provide additional training as needed.