Reasons to Choose Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Over Mass Fabrication

21 May 2019
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The manufacturing industry has evolved substantially from decades past. Currently, a myriad of technological improvements that have transformed the efficiency of industrial production. And one technique that has proved invaluable is sheet metal fabrication. Sheet metal has grown in popularity due to the versatile nature that allows it to be utilised for an array of applications. Nonetheless, while mass-fabrication does present the opportunity for different industries to find components that they can use in their specific manufacturing processes, custom sheet metal fabrication focuses on your business' individual needs. If you have been deliberating on saving money by opting for mass fabrication, consider the following reasons why you should choose custom sheet metal fabrication instead.

Custom fabrication ensures sturdy components 

Sheet metal, admittedly, is lightweight. Therefore, it needs to be fabricated in the right way if it is to maintain its structural integrity. However, when you opt for mass-fabrication, you do not have any input as to how strong you want the resultant parts to be. With custom fabrication, you have full control regarding how you want your hardware manufactured in relation to the applications that the parts will be utilised in. As a result, you are guaranteed that your products will last for a longer period, which in turn gives you an edge against the competition.

Custom fabrication ensures resistance

Fabricated metal, as aforementioned, can be utilised for countless applications. Since different types of applications will be exposed to different kinds of threats, it is crucial for you to select a fabrication method that will allow your products to thrive in challenging environments. Mass fabricated metal components are characterised by their generalised production. Therefore, the qualities that the stock metal has is what all the subsequent components will have too. Custom fabrication provides an opportunity to fabricate the sheet metal in conjunction with what environment it will be employed in. You get the chance to create an alloy that will suit your immediate needs. For instance, if your custom fabricated sheet metal is going to be used in an environment that will expose it to chloride, you can choose a high grade of stainless steel to ensure that it does not degrade!

Custom fabrication promotes effectivity

Since custom sheet metal fabrication presents you with an opportunity to create products that will be applied in a specific process, you have the chance to design your components to suit your individual production line. For example, trays are some of the most commonly used components in most industrial processes. With custom sheet metal fabrication, you can have your trays designed to be adaptable to a number of your processes! This compatibility can substantially cut down on the turnaround time when transitioning from one industrial process to the next!