Why Use Perspex Cladding in Your Factory?

11 June 2021
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While most of the walls in your factory won't need special treatment, there are places that benefit from a more robust solution than paint. For example, your factory's canteen, kitchen and toilets have special hygiene needs. Fortunately, you can install Perspex sheet cladding on these walls. The cladding can go over existing paint or you can buy coloured sheets to get instant colour.

What are the advantages of using Perspex cladding?

Make Your Walls More Hygienic

The walls in rooms like kitchens and toilets can become a hygiene risk. For example, cooking and grease fumes can discolour walls in a cooking area and make them sticky. Dust and dirt will stick to the surfaces. Even if you have a regular cleaning schedule, they can embed into cracks and sit in gaps. If your kitchen is tiled, then it won't take long for your grout to become dirty and full of bacteria.

Bathroom and toilet walls can also be a problem. If someone touches a wall without washing their hands, then they can transfer bacteria and viruses onto it. Mould might grow on wall surfaces or tiles if the room gets humid. However, if you install Perspex cladding over your walls, then you get complete hygienic coverage. The cladding creates a protective cover over your base walls.

If you have your cladding sheets cut to size, then you can install one sheet to cover a whole wall. You won't have to worry about unwanted substances sticking in joints, gaps or grout. So, your walls will retain less dirt and they won't get mouldy.

Make Painted Walls Last Longer

If you paint your kitchen, canteen and toilet walls, then you might have to touch up or repaint these surfaces regularly. Stubborn grease spots, contact marks and scuffs will make the walls look old at some point.

Sprucing up these walls can be a headache. However, if you install Perspex cladding on the walls, then you protect the underlying surface. It won't need repainting because the cladding will keep it clean and free from marks and damage.

Get an Easy Clean Surface

Cleaning walls in kitchens, canteens and toilets are a necessary evil. You know that you have to keep things hygienic in these areas. However, this isn't always an easy job. Grease on walls can take a lot of effort to shift. Mould on a bathroom wall is hard to eliminate completely. You also have to take care not to damage the surface of the wall itself when you clean.

Perspex cladding is a lot easier and quicker to clean. You simply wipe down the surface regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

To find out more about this cladding, contact Perspex manufacturers.