Why Is Laser Cutting Commonly Used When Making Metal Parts?

1 October 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Laser cutting is used for many different things. For example, laser cutting is commonly used when parts are being made from scratch. If you're curious about why laser cutting is so popularly used when making parts out of metal, you should consider these reasons.

It Works Quickly

In some cases, companies and individuals need to have parts made as quickly as possible. For example, a company might need to have a part made quickly so that they can swap out one of the parts that makes their equipment work, and they might need to get their machinery or equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. Laser cutting can be done very quickly once the design and specifications have been entered, which is a good thing when parts need to be made as quickly as possible.

It Can Cut Through Different Types of Metal

Metal parts are often made out of all different types of metal. Some cutting equipment can be used for cutting through certain types of metal but cannot be used to cut through all different types of metal. However, laser cutting can be used for cutting through all different types of metal, so those who want to have parts made from metal have a lot of flexibility. This allows them to choose the type of metal that they think will be best for their part — based on things like the conditions that the metal part will be exposed to and the budget that the company is working with — and they won't have to worry about the metal not being an option because of things like the cutting equipment and techniques that will be used during the parts manufacturing process.

It's Very Precise

When parts are being made, precision and accuracy are often very important. After all, if parts aren't perfectly even or perfectly sized, they might not work properly or at all. Luckily, laser cutting is one of the most precise options for cutting metal.

It Can Be Done Over and Over Again

In some cases, people need to have just one part made, and laser cutting works well for this. However, in some cases, companies order dozens or even hundreds of parts, and they want those parts to be consistent. Laser cutting can be used to make many different identical parts, and all of those parts will be very consistent. If you need to have lots of metal parts made, you might like the idea of laser cutting being used for this reason.